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Here are the vitals or facts, if you will. The females (in DC) are 2:1 to the males in this city. That statistic does not give us the right to push our fellow males out of the city, haze them or make them feel small or puny; however, being in the majority, does give us a voice (not a whining or resentful one, either). This blog is about things that interest the women of dc, and yes, for myself and most of my females friends, males are of interest. Alas, there are many other topics, other than males, that this blog will explore and (hopefully) offer insight upon.

Living in DC, we are faced with purchasing real-estate, making financial investments, forced into wearing panty-hose (ugh!!), constantly hunting for "stylish but comfortable shoes" (they totally don't exist), volunteering, dating and finding some time to just breath.

The content found here is meant to be light, informative, amusing, introspective, sometimes cynical but always true. Magazines are my motiviation here - I have a love/hate relationship with them. Love to read through them; hate how they re-package the same content from month to month.

I'm looking to try something new - original, informative, pleasurable and inspiring content is what this blog is all about.


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