Brace yourself ladies and gents - this photo is a teensy-weensy bit blinding:

Today is a wonderful July day. The weather goddess has graced us with low humidity, few clouds, and occasional breezes - perfect day for trying out one of DC's community pools. My roommate and I ventured over to the Francais pool on N Street NW to observe the obnoxious and bulging packages of our fellow man. Catching some rays, enjoying the cool water and relaxing were passé reasons to head to the pool. Thankfully, we were able to fulfill our goal; it would have been a frustrating venture if there were no package sightings.
This photo was shot when I, feeling very refreshed and tanned after a short cat-nap, lifted up my head to see if any lounge chairs were abandoned. After the initial shock wore off, I was able to grab my camera phone and capture this crowning piece of evidence. We couldn't possibly keep this one to ourselves. You can now look away and everything will be OK, we promise.


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