It's 3am and you're, quite frankly, rather sloshed and hungry - how to avoid the next morning guilt and how not to eat the entire contents of your refrigerator...

If you have ever had an evening that consists of Blackcat’s Mousetrap dance-party, late-night neighborly nightcaps at Wonderland and a lot of distilled grain, this lil’ entry is for you. Of course, this entry is also for anyone who has been flat-out wasted.

You feel the need to eat at
3am for several reasons including the fact that you actually have burned a ton of calories dancing you heart out to your favorite live band, the last time you ate was 10 hours ago, and you want to sober up. Sobering up is key, especially if there is a, um, "special" friend loitering in your living room. Sobering up helps you make that all important "next move" decision - attack him or feign sickness to get him the hell out of your house and off your property. For some us, sobering up is about refueling for face-washing and teeth-brushing as well as putting the kibosh on any chance that you may puke because you have nothing but a 1/2 liter of rum in your tummy.

Your brain is pulsating with images of junk food - salty snacks like potato chips come in-and-out of focus, sweet snacks like cookies and brownies grow legs and cartwheel inside of your thinking cap, you begin to sing the jingle for popular fast food joints, you tear through the trash for the take-out menu that has chinese food and southern style chicken wings and lastly, you are absolutely certain that the Popeye's drive thru on 14th is open at all hours.

Stop the madness and promptly down three tall glasses of water. If you are feeling like a water snob, stock up on Smartwater (the "plain" version, not the flavored options). Once you have started the re-hydration process, think light and healthy - after all, you are teetering on the pass out line. Deli turkey, fruit or some dry toast is perfect; even a micro-waved veggie burger is a smart choice. Save the Doritos for another time when you aren't immediately heading off to bed - who want to wake up with nacho cheese powder all over their bed? ewww, gross.


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