Visor Boy, reprised...

Those in the know are aware of my minor infatuation with a visor wearing prepster from the 'burbs of Va. Two months (practically to the day!) of the original offense, and who should be at our Saturday night kareoke soiree than VB himself, in the flesh. Well, never being the kind of girl to learn from her mistakes, you can imagine what happened from there. That's right--we sang a duet of The Gambler! (didn't see that coming, did you?) But then somehow, ended up snogging on his couch at 3 a.m. Eesh.

New info: says he is broken up "for real" with the on-again, off-again gf (snort! I should HOPE so! what kind of random hookup chick does he TAKE me for!?!) and he played baskteball in college (google, have you failed me??--my research revealed the VB sport of choice to be wrestling, not b ball...).

Pros: he's pretty darn cute aand has a very nice apartment which literally shrieks "my girlfriend and i went to Home Depot together and now i have a red dining room." But nonetheless, far better than the wretched foot-fungus-infested sty some males actually call home (can you hear me, Youngster??). Somehow, I've come to believe home ownership is hot. This must mean i am getting old.
Also, (did I mention he's pretty cute?) he has a birthmark on his shoulder shaped liked Australia. G'day, mate!!

Cons: says he doesn't like to read (cue eye roll), but loves to travel. Not sure if I could give up one for the other--why pick? But the good news is, he CAN read. 100% literate and all. He just reads lots of travel books. He's not an uber-Republican book burner or anything, I hope. Hmmm.

There were a few other, more x-rated items listed here, but for the sake of all of our decency I've decide to spare you the details. But I will leave you with this question: Why is it possible to have REALLY good sex with someone you find intensely annoying in real life, and turn right around to have lackluster sex with someone you are reasonably attracted to? This seems counterintuitive, but there it is. I do not get it, but feel free to weigh in on this, folks.

Skankily yours,
Skankana VonSkankstein, baroness of Skankistan


Blogger Chunky McBigButt said...

Why didn't you just come?

12:50 PM  
Blogger Viola Violante said...

LOLOL!! I know, i've really got to work on that!!

9:43 AM  

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