Weekly Vitals. Pick your flavor: New Orleans, Big Easy or Katrina

I never liked descriptive adjectives such as "good", "cool" and "best"; these words are more conditional than matter-of-fact. The word "good" to you means something entirely different than my interpretation of "good". Of course, circumstance plays into the definition of "good" or any other word such as "great", "poor", "fair" etc. This is one of the reasons I dislike the following Gallup poll. I would be more interested in the raw decriptors people would choose on their own, when decribing their feelings about Katrina.

Bush's response to Katrina:

Despite widespread criticism of the response by Bush and, separately, the federal government, to the problems caused by the hurricane, the public seems on balance only mildly critical.

* Forty-two percent say Bush did a "bad" (18%) or "terrible" (24%) job
* 35% rate his response as either "great" (10%) or "good" (25%)

Source: Gallup
Poll performed on .09.05.05 & 09.06.05

Federal Agencies' response to Katrina:

Federal agencies received a similar rating:

* 42% of Americans giving a low rating and 35% a high one
* The public was about evenly divided on state and local officials in Louisiana -- 37% giving a high rating and 35% a low one.

Source: Gallup
Poll performed on .09.05.05 & 09.06.05

Who is most responsible for the problems in New Orleans in Katrina's aftermath?

When asked to identify who was most responsible for the problems in New Orleans after the hurricane:

* 38% of Americans said no one was really to blame
* 13% cited Bush
* 18% cited the federal agencies
* 25% cited state and local officials.

Source: Gallup
Poll performed on .09.05.05 & 09.06.05

The poll, conducted Sept. 5-6, finds almost all Americans, 93%, agreeing that Hurricane Katrina is the worst natural disaster in their lifetimes.


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