“I'm sorry (Brad/Jude/Jake), I can't go out with you. It's my poker night!"

Sad but True: I’ve been just dying to say that. Yes, I'm the very last person in the world to jump on the Poker Bandwagon, but here I am, all set to take the world of high-stakes Texas Hold 'Em by storm with my mad poker skillz (note: when someone spells skills with a "z," it is usually a dead giveaway that said person has none)

Anyway, I’m pretty darn excited about Girl’s Poker Night, now that us girls have taught ourselves the ways of the game (aided by a book called “The Badass Girls Guide To Poker,” I am somewhat embarrassed to report)

Seems I’m not the only DC lady with visions of straights, flushes and full houses dancing through her head.

According to this Post article, you can go learn for yourself, at Pub Poker Night:
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/08/18/AR2005081800546.html. Of course, you’ll have to brave the Clarendon Grill to do it. But for the true high-roller, no sacrifice is too high, right?

Burn em and turn em,


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