Who wants to be the Columbian Cartel when you can be the Kitty Cartel? Purrrr....

Prescription Drugs. We all have several bright, orange plastic bottles shoved in our medicine cabinets, purses, work desks or cars. Some of our bathrooms are even transformed into mini pharmacies depending on the number of bottles hidden away. We do plan to chuck these plastic vials during the chore we all know and love as the bathroom purge (don't forget the toilet bowl cleaning!).

Ever so nonchalantly, we ask our friends for an Asprin here or a Midol there; do you have any Ibuprofen, Tums™, Tylenol™, Valium, Penicillin™ - oh wait, some of these sugar dadies weren't originally intended for other's consumption. We can't turn down a friend in need, right?

Recently, I was the friend in need; however, as much as I wanted a Valium, I opted for something a little "softer" and as much as I like to say "it's for a friend..." and really mean yours truly, the trite saying rang true. I was asking on a behalf of a friend. A friend who walks on all fours and is sometimes referred to as "Fat Fred".

My coworker dished out her furry companion's (Mr. Buggles) prescription without hesitation. The next thing I knew, I was dishing out teeny, tiny pink pills to my loveable lap cat, Winifred. You might scoff and think incredibly illegal thoughts about this transaction, but, man, Winifred needed these pills, badly. Winifred has a little condition that I like to call territorial urination. It's not so much a problem for her as it is for the rest of my household: my roomate, her cat and our furniture. These magic beans are supposed to put the kibosh on that behavior.

Yummy, magic beans!


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