It's The Little Things...
It's pretty much a miracle that my diet of Kosher Salt, Spray Butter and all things Soy has not caused me an untimely death. I also have a new found soft-spot for imitation crab and lobster meat. If you're thinking that I've developed a crush on canned meat, please navigate away from this site. I've been known to salt my bread and even chocolate ice-cream, but I will never eat canned meat. It's the pre-packaged and air-tight imitation seafood that I have grown fond of enjoying at really, any time of the day.
I would also like to share a recent affinity for Brussel sprouts, squash and red onions. Yes, I guess I like foods filled with fiber. While the rest of the world is taking an afternoon siesta or Starbucks Coffee break, I am strolling the industrial streets of Ballston in search of my afternoon Soy Crisp snack. So many flavors of Soy to savor.
If you have never had the pleasure of attending a day long client meeting with me, then you've never witnessed my "straight from the package" oatmeal eating routine. It's quite simple. Take a paper oatmeal packet, open, stick in spoon, insert dry oatmeal into mouth. Honestly, it's not as gross as one would think. I guess the camper in me comes out in these situations. Having low blood sugar and constantly needing to eat is a total curse. I carry Saltines around in my car. No, I am not pregnant.
If you consider yourself an adventurous foodie, don't discount yummy combinations like:
  • chocolate pudding and puffed wheat
  • salad, imitation lobster, soy crisps and raisins
  • cold tofo and soy sauce (nice and salty!)
  • dry oatmeal and Splenda


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