China doesn't Chew - an interesting factoid

Chewing Gum puts Wrigley at #65 on the Forbes 400 Richest Americans list. Even more interesting is the following statistic from Mr. Wrigley's Forbes' bio:

China's per capita gum consumption is just 10 sticks a year. In the U.S., the per capita gum consumption is 160 sticks per year. I believe Wrigley is trying to expand into the Chinese market. Isn't bad enough that today's Chinese youth are dealing with obesity due to Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald's and Burger King franchises - now, we make must the people of China want to up their gum consumption.

Does this mean that Americans have a higher propensity for oral fixation?

FYI - Wrigley, the U.S.' largest gum producer, sells 16 types of gum in 67 flavors.
He's also recently divorced - just in case there is a woman who would like to be the Glamour Girl of Gum...


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