New digs, new jobs, new commutes, travels, imports and new hells

Vitals contributors have not been extending their stay at one of the luscious spas in our area (despite popular belief and the incredible desire to be sipping cocktails while enjoying a pedicure, at this very moment). Instead we have been busy purchasing real estate, moving, starting new jobs, hauling ass to the un-desired suburbs, traveling and welcoming international friends.

Once upon-a-time, several writers were able to contribute on a more frequent basis due to the "no big brother" policy with their employers. Unfortunately, times have changed and these writers not only find that their internet usage is logged, but they haul about 50 miles round trip just to be online (well, to work too, but that is really a minor detail, at present). Before these glamorous new jobs attracted them, commutes were a breeze and all internet surfing, with the exception of porn, was totally acceptable. I know, I know, what is a work day without a little porn?

Well, I have recently encountered people at my newest employment gig who actually get paid to surf for porn. I swear this to be true. And when I met the guy that headed the group, it became even more apparent that this group actually enjoyed their job. So, just remember, when someone asks you the trite question of "So, what do you do?"; there is always the snarky, but could be true response of "I get paid to surf for porn". Don't' go into how your surfing is for the good of the kiddies on the 'net, this would definitely ruin the moment.

So happy that I drive 30 miles one way to interface with these lovely people.


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