Like all good horror movies...Vitals' posts are baaaack!
There are very well-qualified, solid reasons for our absence. My reason is going to sound quite far-fetched and almost inconceivable, but I pinky-swear that it is the truth. I was recently abducted by Aliens who work for a subsidiary of one the world's largest media companies, Time Warner. Blindfolded, I was placed in a car and driven for what seemed liked days, until we reached our final destination.
The blindfold was removed and I felt displaced and confused. I was surrounded by 6 identical buildings with large glass windows and bridges that connected all of the structures. There were cars everywhere and people with badges swinging from their necks. The only other form of civilization, that was half-way close, was this entity across the street; some sort of food market that covered close to 2 square miles (or, at least appeared to).
Was I in Hell? Where was the red guy with the horns? Hades? Where was the lusty "bad" people and the fire pit?
Unfortunately, I was not in Hell. A somewhat bloated yellow man floated down from one of the bridges and landed in front of me. His head was perfectly round; he didn't even have a neck. A little odd if you ask me. He told me that I was now part of the "family" and these surroundings would be my new home. I tried to poke him, but he shied away. I tried again, and this time, I think he tried to bite me. Feisty little yellow, running man.
Here's hoping that I can escape this world before my sanity deteriorates and I am nothing but a badge-wearing driod!


Blogger Heinous Jay said...

Wow, you really hate the suburbs.

11:38 PM  
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