Hello World. Vitals is alive. Did you miss us?
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The return of school, the return of Vitals: Backpacks, notepads, PDAs, laptops, books (like, we still have those crazy, physical objects called books?!) and a handful of writers whose crazy, everyday life experiences are antipated and revered by our ever growing reader base = colorful, worth slacking on your "real work" reading. Like, for sure.

Speaking of valley girl talk, the 80's are making a comeback vis-a-vis high-end (haute) fashion and main stream (the gap) fashion. I went through the leg warmer and pegged jeans combo, side ponytail and flats phase once. I was ten. Now, I'm slightly older, (although, the woman at the DMV today blurted, to the entire 100 person room, that I look 16) and my sophisticated and flatering cut countoured pants should be turned in for "skinny" jeans. Jesus. And they say carb dieting is out?!

Couldn't some marketing phenom call them something else? Where are the marketing terms that we have grown custom to:
Bootcut = Hip hiders and ass minimizing
Contoured = Low fitting and loose
Skinny = starve yourself for a month and jam yourself into spandex-ey jean hell; wear long tunic and look very "indie" while drinking PBR

For now, I'm sticking with the ass minimizing look and working on my Ban Urban Outfitters campaign.

smooches, antigone


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