A Refutation of the Muscular Morality Argument

I shamelessly ripped this quote off of one of the many foodie blogs I spend too many work hours perusing. Just too good not to share. Nigella Lawson ROCKS MY FACE!!

"I don't disparage the shallow concerns of the ordinarily vain, which, after all, I share. What I hate is all this new-age voodoo about eating, the notion that foods are either harmful or healing, that a good diet makes a good person and that that person is necessarily lean, limber, toned and fit. Quite apart from anything else, I don't see the muscular morality argument. Why should a concern for your physical health be seen as a sign of virtue? Such a view seems to me in danger of fusing Nazism (with its ideological cult of physical perfection) and Puritanism (with its horror of the flesh and belief in salvation through denial)."

--Nigella Lawson, from "How to Eat: The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food"


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