I'm about to haul myself down south for a little r & r and I'm pretty damn excited. I love adventure and last minute travel, I just don't do it enough. I'm actually traveling for the pure reason that I want to experience some place new and see what kind of trouble I can get into (or, stay out of). The past two weeks have been pretty mellow, but also really wonderful. I liberated myself from an employment situation that just wasn't a good match for me, I've been doing some organizing around my house, working on the backyard, hanging out with some new and old friends, reading and just taking it all in. I like the fact that this mini holiday is about adventure, not escapism because truly, there is nothing here that I don't like.

Well, OK, there are some things I wish I could change, such as the parking cop who tickets me if I don't move my car by 7:05am and the man who practically screamed at me for entering the express lane at the supermarket with more than 15 items. Everything else (I'm avoiding going into a political diatribe to spare the vitals' readership) is pretty much enjoyable, dealable and/or part of my DC life. I can't believe that I'm actually feeling a little down because I wish I could take all of my friends with me. Just stuff them into my Kelty bag and know that they'll do just fine in the freezing under-belly of the plane. As soon as I land, I'll set them free and we'll all party down on the beach, like one happy family. Of course, I realize everyone will need to thaw and maybe get a little hydration, but my friends are survivors and tough. I know, this is a slightly twisted travel fantasy.

Well my friends, I'll be thinking about you all while I sip some cocktails and stare at the unbelievably turquoise colored water and dip my toes in the sugar-like grains that compose the beach area.


Blogger Lay Lady Lay said...

Antigone, I am soooo jealous. That is MY KIND of adventure. Kick it down there for me too, a pale, stressed out, strapped working stiff.

5:21 PM  
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