Convergence: embrace it
Unless you are my best friend who lives on a gorgeous parcel of land outside of Fairbanks, AK, you are dependent, in some way or another, on princess Technology. Pants pockets are no longer the home to loose change, lint or crumpled-up gum wrappers; they have recently been housing more desired and sometimes even sexy objects such as Motorola's Razor cell phone, the RIM Blackberry, an iPod or Nano, possibly a TRIO and sometimes even a pocket PC. For some, one bulge is just not enough and all of these objects must rattle together in order for the individual to feel complete.

If all of these gadgets aren't enough, imagine that your television (some people do still refer to it as a shrine) is also introducing its own accoutrements, but these little extras aren't something that you click, dial or play. Your television's future "extras" will give any couch potato the ability to interact with what we currently refer to as web content in addition to traditional television programming. Web content is not just invading your TV, but your cell and Blackberry too. If we're not currently bombarded with enough information, we'll have the ability to really get our fix the moment we plop down at home to the minute we run out the door the next morning.

Don't for a minute think this information push is all about informing you, intriguing you and or offering you more choices. This is all about knowing who you are, your demographic definition and what strata you fall into and pushing selected advertisers directly to you.

I will admit that I don't particularly loath advertisers - I feel like I have enough self-control to not purchase every diet drug, kitchen apparatus or skin tightening serum that is dancing across my TV set these days. I do loath losing my anonymity. Sometimes I want to just research something without receiving a customized email five minutes after I navigate away from a specific website. There are certainly easy ways to prevent this, such as rejecting Cookies, always using bogus email addresses, etc., but there are companies that mine for your data and the next thing you know, text messages are appearing from advertisers who have organized you into an advanced cellphone strata because they have access to data that shows you send/receive more than 30 text messages a month.

I think I'm going to tie two empty cans together with some old fashion string and use that as my means as communication. C'mon, the crazy lady look is in...check out the Olsen twins these days-they are the leaders of this "sack" style fashion trend.


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