No news about the War, Senate Bills or Rove's involvement with Valerie Plame
Today, it's all about a fun, new product called Zubbles
I must have tuned into NPR after the morning headlines. At first, I was kind of annoyed with this story about colored bubbles; the kind you used to blow at little kiddie birthday parties or if you grew up in my house, the kind your mother would hand-make when you got sick of playing with the homemade playdough (and started to eat it).
A couple minutes into the story, I was suddenly intrigued. The idea man behind Zubbles was so driven to create a colored bubble that he spent thousands of hours (11 years!) and dollars experimenting in order to produce this magical creation. Not mention, he used his own kids as guinea pigs. The photo posted by NPR reminds me of the georgeous Chihuly glass featured in the Bellagio lobby. The bubble is so organic and alive.
If you are looking to be pleasantly surprised by a topic most would find mundane, I encourage you to listen this story.


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