vitals for 01.28.09

  • 8 beers in one tasting session = whoa.
  • 8 swallows of blessed belgian beer (made using the famous monk brewing philosophy/process), with european appropriate alcohol levels (not the lame 3.5% that most people imbibe in the U.S.), sloshing around in my body = whoa.
  • belgian beer is quite delicious. i do realize this is subjective.
  • A 2008 Gallup poll:
    • 42 % of the U.S. drinkers surveyed most often consume beer
    • This compares to the 31 % who picked wine and 23 % who preferred spirits

Three Philosophers
(owned by Duvel but located in sweet Cooperstown, NY. as a side note, I really like Cooperstown--cozy and yummy little restaurants and shopping. then there's the elephant in the room - i learned a lot during my visit. it's a very accessible experience )
  • delicious, smooth, rich, dessert-y but not in a sweet way, in a savory way (red/orange in color)
Abbey Ale
  • a little bitter, but also flavorful; I dig it (also red/orange in color)
  • a slight honey taste, nice and smooth, quite enjoyable
owned by Duvel
  • a general note about the Maredsous - I didn't really care for any of the three that I tried (Dubbel 8, Triple 10 and Blonde 6)
  • note: triple 10 = 10% alcohol (serious freakin' arse kisser)
  • i liked Hennepin - i found it flavorful, a nice golden color and smooth; something easy to eat my veggie stir fry with (asian-belgian fusion anyone?)
  • I enjoyed this beer as well - a teensy bitter, but in a flavorful and savory way, light and smooth (and thankfully, not 10% alcohol content)